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dolly_cafeteria's Journal

...Where Doll Fandoms Collide
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What's your pleasure? Pullip, Tyler, Blythe?
If you love dolls this is the place for you.
This community is meant to promote diversity in fashion doll collecting.
Please feel free to post about any doll line you like--
we're always on the lookout for something new!

Don't corner yourself! There is a whole world of dolls out there to explore....

Community Rules -

1. Play nice. On the topic of language, conduct, etc. we're all members of LiveJournal. Therefore, we're all at least teenagers. A lot of us are older than that. I'm not picky about language at all.

Conduct, however, is a different story. I expect you to act your age or older. You can have spirited debates, it's normal, But keep the childish behavior to a minimum. This does include using blatantly derogatory terms that cannot be taken in any sort of positive manner. This is frowned upon, as it causes hurt feelings. Pretty much just try to be respectful, okay? And please, please try to be as objective as possible when expressing your opinion. using a weak, one note argument won't get you anywhere.

1a. No comment screening. see rule 3.

2. If it is not your own post, please keep posts on-topic. I'm not sure the original poster would want to receive a bunch of emails with off topic chatter.

3. No spamming. what is spaming you ask?

*promotion of your lj - if you have pictures or news, just post them here.

*another lj community that isn't related to a specific fandom.

* Inappropriate, profane, or useless posts. This does not include sales posts, however.

This is a community for all of us doll lovers, not just to be used as a personal journal of your dolls. Sales posts are still allowed.

3a. posts about shopping trips-

should include your region of location (I.E. at the new jersey fall walmart, these were available), as well as a list of what you saw and/or pictures.

3b. 'ooh, can I have......' - no buying or request posts allowed. there are other communities that address those needs. DC is not one of them.

3c. No comment screening! this falls under the 'this is not you personal journal' category.

4. On a related note, please do not post asking for people to rate you in any rating communities. Begging for votes is not considered a good contribution to this community.

5. No brand Bashing! If you don't like a doll line, just skip the post, but don't get petty here people!

6. Put ALL pictures wider than 600 pixels behind a cut (if you don't know how, read this). instead, preview images, no bigger witdh than 300 pixels, should be used. I cannot edit posts made by other members, so if you don't cut them, I'll have to delete your post so things aren't ruined for anyone.

6a. When posting more than 1 picture, be sure to use an lj-cut after the first one. this rule also applies to multi-media, such as videos.

7. You CANNOT lay claim over/re-distribute any photos that are not your own without crediting the source (more to do with in-store photos.), and, excluding official promotional photos, asking permission.

but most importantly -

8. Lighten up, it's just dolls, people. Don't get all up and arms over these fun, but inanimate objects.